Promet Goes Public

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Promet Information Systems, which has realized projects mainly for public institutions and continues to productize the experience and knowledge gained from these projects, continues its efforts to open to the stock market. Promet Information Systems CEO Mehmet Şahin, who defines Promet Information Systems as a technological design and new generation software company, gave the following information:

   “We Established Promet Information Systems in 2008 with more than 15 years of industry experience in the field of information technologies. We started with small projects and setting up systems in the data center. Today, we analyze the software needs in the line with the needs of the institutions, determine on which technological subtitle the software to work there will be built on, and extract the infrastructure of the hardware. More precisely, as Promet Information Systems, we determine the needs of the institutions, design them and deliver the products. As Promet Information Systems, which operates in the field of information technologies, we offer a to z technology design and new generation software services to institutions and companies in the sense. Promet Information Systems is an information technology company that offers new generation cyber security, software development and system integration solutions to all its stakeholders in a professional and pro-active approach.”

   Stating that they have accomplished successful projects since the day they were founded as a young company, Mehmet Şahin said the following regarding the public offering:

“For the last three or four years, we have started to produce products, especially in the field of software. We have products that we can use in life. We aim to take part in larger projects with our newly developed software and work ocompletion documents that meet the needs and expectations. The fact that we are a highly attractive company with our products and services revealed the necessity of taking steps towards institutionalization. As Promet Information Systems, we have taken important steps in institutionalization in recent years. We aim to go public in order to strengthen our corporate identity that we have created today and to walk confidently into the future with our transparent, corporate, business partners. We aim to be one of the leading companies in Turkey in terms of technology design and new generation software with the services, solutions and products we will produce with the support of Borsa İstanbul and our investors.”

Underlining that they aim to do business throughout Turkey and even abroad in the coming period, Mehmet Şahin stated that:

“In this sense, we are holding meetings for cooperation with small-scale companies operating in the field of informatics abroad. In the medium and long term, we aim to develop special solutions for the private sector and SMEs, as well as the public sector, with our new product and software solutions. With this understanding, we offer special and unique solutions to institutions/companies. We aim to export the products and services we have developed abroad. We look at the next process with a focus on exports as well as Turkey. We aim to be Turkey’s leading company in the field of new generation software and productization. With Promet Academy, we want to bring in software developers with updated technologies to our software team and our industry. We aim to be one of the leading companies in Turkey in the fields of system integration and cyber security. On the other hand, we aim to be the company that produces innovative solutions in the defense industry in the coming period, with the knowledge and experience we have built so far. We will increase our work, especially in the field of security, by making exclusivity agreements with international companies that do not sell in Turkey.”

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